Bin Fadel Group is one of the fastest advancing regional business enterprise headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. We have started our journey three decades back as a transporting company. Today with more than 15 operating companies, we have presence in Construction, Real Estate, Healthcare, Beauty-Wellness, Education, Hospitality and Farming under the chairmanship of Mr. Saif Mubarak Fadel Al Mazrouei.

Entrepreneurship and rigorous customer focus has enabled Bin Fadel Group to grow its business by responding to the changing needs of the customers and societies in which it operates. Bin Fadel Group Companies is committed to offering customers an unrivalled choice of the service with exceptional standards.

Since its inception in 2007, BFG has built numerous landmarks dotting the landscape that stand as testimony to its business excellence. The strategy of Bin Fadel Group is geared towards long-term, profitable growth and focuses on the expansion of its business with forward-looking business models. Now we are expanding our presence in outside the frontiers of UAE and in coming years we have planned to foray into new business ventures in oil & gas and other sectors. The success of Bin Fadel Group is attributed to proactively managing change whilst upholding the values of integrity, service and social responsibility.


Over these years, Bin Fadel Group has evolved as a multidimensional and diversified business entity which has presence in construction & infrastructure, real estate development, hotels & hospitality, healthcare, beauty & wellness, education, trading and farming.

Our group vision is to achieve excellence in each business segments it operates; create greater value for our stakeholders; envisioning symbiotically a sustainable growth; serve the community in a way that our businesses must touch the lives of people meaningfully. We have made world-class infrastructure investments in construction and real estate building sprawling malls, top-class hotels, premium schools, industrial warehouses, business offices, and one of UAE’s largest, well-equipped & premium labor city.

Our group is currently undergoing a new phase of modernization and development. Currently we are executing three mega projects viz - a chain of five star hotels in Abu Dhabi & Morocco and a British curriculum school in Abu Dhabi. In coming years we have planned to foray into new business ventures in oil & gas and other sectors.

I am thankful to support of our visionary leaders, government organizations, clients and my team. We are constantly improving our work methods, implementing new technology into the business process, training and retention programs to take care of Human Resource asset. We are sharpening our strategy to be one of the UAE’s most valuable, most innovative and most admired companies. Welcome to Bin Fadel Group, your trusted partner


The real wealth of the country is made up of men, of children, and of future generations. It is this which constitutes the real treasure Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan


At Bin Fadel Group, our Vision for our strategic business segments is to hold a leading position in UAE, create greater value for our Customers, stakeholders, employees and social responsibility by envisioning exponential growth and self-sustainability in the avenues of our investments in Construction, Real estate, Hospitality, Education, Entertainment and Health-care sectors.


  • Become UAE’s premier and world-class service & value provider in the various business segments we operate.
  • Constantly achieving operational excellence by employing best technologies, tools and resources, both infrastructure and human
  • Strategizing a diverse, innovative, continually improving and growthoriented profile and investments portfolio
  • While seeking financial rewards to investors, provide opportunities for growth and enrichment to our employees, partners and communities
  • Continually strive to operate with honesty, fairness and integrity
  • Strongly rooted to our tradition, we set our vision sky-high, to be modern yet contemporary in our culture and values


Our values inspire us to create Excellence in everything we do. LEADERSHIP The courage to shape a better future INTEGRITY Be real, honest and fair PASSION Committed in heart and mind DIVERSITY As inclusive as our Portfolios and Investments QUALITY What we do, we do Best COLLABORATION Leverage collective genius INNOVATION The spirit of beholding the future 08


At Bin Fadel Group, we recognize that environmental stewardship begins at home and our goal is to provide not only the best business operation and services, but also better the environment along our value chain. To help us improve our environmental performance, we are adopting an operational assessment approach.

By improving efficiency, quality and productivity, we can do more with fewer resources and less waste. Improving our resource efficiency in operations contributes to our broader efforts to reduce waste along our value chain and generated waste is safely and responsibly handled and disposed of. We also support the development of communications best practice to ensure that the information on environmental sustainability is percolated down to all levels of our organizational structure to create a clear understanding of the complex balance between environmental life-cycle impacts and resource utilization.

We ensure organizational commitment by making environmental sustainability part of everyday business decisions while we continue to work to reduce the environmental impact of our products and services. At Bin Fadel Group, we are making environmental stewardship part of our business relationships and being responsible to sustainable development, renewable energy, and aimed at saving valuable resources and reducing our environmental impact.

Mr. Fadel Saif Al Mazrouei
Mr. Mohammad Fayaz